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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Laziness and Procrastination!

By admin | October 1, 2009

It’s a question we always ask ourselves…WHY AM I SO DAMN LAZY?!?!  How do people who are afflicted with laziness heal themselves?  Is there a cure?  I don’t believe laziness and procrastination is always a bad thing but when it takes over, diminishes your productivity and stops your from enjoying life to it’s fullest, then it’s almost like paralysis.

It’s not always too late to limit the affects of both.  It takes some initiative though, to read topics that can motivate a person to walk away from being someone useless to someone productive.  In this article…we’ve listed many links to productive tips, motivational articles on how to get rid of laziness and procrastination.  The only tough thing is for your lazy ass to make sometime to go through, read and try to implement in your life!


  1. 10 Ways to Make Laziness Work for You
  2. 11 Tips for Nuking Laziness Without Becoming a Workaholic
  3. Laziness Is A Short Circuit In Your Brain
  4. Laziness is NOT a Good Thing
  5. Easy way to fight laziness
  6. 6 Arguments for Embracing Hard Work and Avoiding Laziness
  7. 9 Black Belt Techniques for Fighting Laziness at Work
  8. How to Overcome Laziness
  9. Laziness is just a different kind of Productivity
  10. Cure For Laziness
  11. Laziness: Fact or Fiction?
  12. Laziness
  13. Fight Downhill Battles: Let Laziness and Inertia Make You More Productive
  14. The Lure of Laziness
  15. How to Overcome Laziness
  16. 10 Essential Tips to Change Your Life
  17. Why it Exists and How to Overcome Chronic Laziness
  18. Bounce Back From These 3 Causes of Laziness
  19. How Can I Fight Laziness?
  20. Why You Should Never Wait Until You’re Motivated To Start Something
  21. Laziness Is at the Heart of Job Doldrums
  22. How to Overcome Laziness
  23. Acting instinctively saves me from laziness
  24. Is There a Laziness Gene?
  25. 5 Inventions That Enhanced Laziness
  26. Getting Out From Under
  27. Why is it So Hard to Wake Up in the Morning?
  28. The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Things Done
  29. Laziness: One of the Most Effective Ways to Fight Against It
  30. How to overcome laziness?
  31. Overcoming Laziness To Get Things Done
  32. Breaking Free Of “Laziness”
  33. The Lure of Laziness
  34. Rid That Laziness
  35. Learn How to Get Rid of Your Laziness
  36. Laziness in How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic
  37. 4 Ways to get rid of Laziness
  38. Why Are We Lazy ?
  39. Getting rid of laziness
  40. How to get rid of your laziness?
  41. How to Overcome Laziness at the Workplace? – Part 2
  42. how to overcome laziness
  43. How to Overcome Fitness Laziness
  44. Procrastination and Laziness
  45. 4 Steps for Using your Laziness to be More Productive
  46. Top 10 Smart and Lazy Ways to Save Your Workday
  47. The Truth About Laziness
  48. A Solution For Laziness!
  49. Dealing with Lazy Coworkers
  50. Cure For Laziness


  1. How to Get Rid of Procrastination in 5 Simple Ways – Part 1
  2. Why we procrastinate and how to stop
  3. Overcoming Procrastination
  4. Your Reasoning Behind Procrastinating
  5. Procrastination Hack: “(10+2)*5”
  6. Procrastination: Ten Things To Know
  7. 6 Habits To Avoiding And Overcoming Procrastination
  8. Getting Out From Under: Procrastination
  9. Making procrastination work – a great life mod!
  10. Techniques To Manage Procrastination
  11. How to Beat the Procrastination Habit
  12. 50 ways to get your stuff done
  13. How to Procrastinate More Productively
  14. The Ultimate Procrastination Flowchart [PIC]
  15. Tips for overcoming procrastination
  16. How to: Defeat Procrastination and Analysis Paralysis
  17. Six steps to help you beat procrastination
  18. 4 Reasons Why We Procrastinate
  19. Academics invent math equation for why people procrastinate
  20. “iProcrastinate” homework organization app… For free!
  21. Top 30 Tips for Staying Productive While Working From Home
  22. 11 Ways to Cure Someday Syndrome
  23. Organize your family’s essential information in case of an emergency
  24. Procrastination
  25. Five Ways To Beat Procrastination
  26. Good and bad procrastination
  27. Beat Procrastination
  28. A Thorough Guide to Ending Procrastination
  29. Procrastination: Ten Things To Know
  30. Tips for overcoming procrastination
  31. How to Focus Your Mind on the Project
  32. 5 Tips To Overcome Procrastination
  33. Why We Procrastinate and How To Stop
  34. Don’t Let it be Boring – Let Life Excite You
  35. Beat Procrastination: 5 Secrets to Getting Started
  36. Read This Now! Stop Procrastinating, Get It Done, or Else!
  37. How to Stop Procrastinating…tomorrow
  38. Top 10 Productivity Hacks
  39. 9 Tips for Beating Procrastination
  40. Seven Ways to Procrastinate for Better Results
  41. Procrastinating Again? How to Kick the Habit
  42. 6 Ways to Make Yourself Do Something You Don’t Want to Do
  43. Five Simple Ways to Get Things Done
  44. Procrastination
  45. Stop Procrastinating — Right Now!
  46. Conquer Procrastination, Time Wasters and Laziness
  47. How To Kill Procrastination For Good – No Kidding!
  48. Are you procrastinating? Or are you just thinking?
  49. 3 Steps to Kick the Procrastination Habit
  50. Here’s a Quick Way To Overcome Procrastination

Here is a much larger list of articles categorized by topic.  Enjoy…

Self Improvement

  1. How To Improve Your Study Habits and Remember Better
  2. 10 virtually instant ways to improve your life
  3. Simple ways to make yourself far cleverer
  4. How to See in the Dark
  5. How to concentrate on writing
  6. 40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation
  7. 50 Tools that can Increase your Writing Skills
  8. Ten quick tips to improve your self esteem
  9. 7 Little Known Ways To Drastically Improve Your Learning
  10. 100 Tips to Improve your Life
  11. 10 Tips from the Masters of Writing
  12. Do you make these 10 mistakes in a conversation?
  13. The Rewards of Being Shy
  14. 7 Stupid Thinking Errors You Probably Make
  15. How to Get Smarter, One Breath at a Time
  16. Hacking Your Five Senses
  17. Make Yourself Stick With These First Impression Tips
  18. Jot This Down! An Overview of Popular Note-Taking Applications
  19. Instantly Build Self Confidence
  20. Make a Good First Impression
  21. Learn Lessons from Google About Self-Image
  22. Gently End Procrastination
  23. Use Catchphrases to Change the Way You Think
  24. Present Yourself.
  25. Increase Your Intelligence
  26. Take Steps to Boost Your Happiness in the Next Hour
  27. 7 things to say (and 7 things not to say) to your kids
  28. It takes 3 weeks…
  29. 21 days…
  30. Take baby steps
  31. 18 Tricks to Make New Habits Stick
  32. Top 20 Motivation Hacks
  33. Walk Tall – Exercise Your Confidence


  1. Leave Work at Work
  2. Learn the Secrets of the Super-Organized
  3. Surround Yourself With Progress
  4. 5 Tips to Maximize Your Ability to Concentrate
  5. New study: It doesn’t Pay to be Smart
  6. Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better
  7. 7 Steps to Turn Your Self-Improvement Desires Into Reality
  8. 10 Ways To Improve Your Financial Situation In Just 15 Minutes
  9. 5 Powerful Hacks to Immediately Improve Your Presentations
  10. Actually Execute Your To-Do List
  11. How television broke the minds of three generations…
  12. Create a Landing Strip to Become Organized
  13. Try Quick and (Almost) Painless Ways to Kill Distractions
  14. Put the Action Method Into Practice
  15. Maximize Your Lunch Hour
  16. Increase Workplace Productivity by Not Being a Jerk
  17. Think About Whether You Can Afford NOT to Pursue Your Dreams
  18. Plan for Success
  19. Share To Make Ideas Happen
  20. Work in Multiple Positives
  21. Set Goals So You Actually Accomplish Them
  22. Single-task
  23. Don’t Settle for Just One Path
  24. Learn to Sacrifice Temporary Pressure for Long-term Goals
  25. Use the Power of 10 Minutes
  26. Try No TV
  27. Use a Today List to Get Stuff Done
  28. Eliminate All But the Absolute Essential Tasks
  29. Work 8 Hours Straight Without Hating Yourself
  30. Set Up Action Areas
  31. Get Outside Your Comfort Zone
  32. Drop Ideas That Fail
  33. Lay Your Energy Line
  34. Improve your mental and physical performance by power napping
  35. Top 10 Productivity Hacks
  36. 10 Effective Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels
  37. The 9 Step Television Diet

Health and Fitness

  1. 15 Ways To Live Longer
  2. Boost Your Energy Level
  3. Gain Muscle in Minimal Time
  4. Lose Weight Without Exercise
  5. Stick to a Schedule of Regular Exercise
  6. Triple Your Workout Effectiveness
  7. New Year Goals
  8. 4 Ways to Fight Winter Weight Gain
  9. Tips to lose all the weight you want
  10. 24 Warning Signs You Cannot Afford To Ignore
  11. The 7 Essential Habits Of A Successful Fitness Routine
  12. 17 Fitness Truths To Get You In Great Shape
  13. Top 9 Fitness Myths — Busted!
  14. 12 Scientifically-Proven Fitness Tricks to Up ‘Burn Rate’
  15. 10 Things Your Fitness Club Won’t Tell You
  16. US Navy SEALs Workout: Physical Fitness Standards
  17. 247 Ways to Make This Year Your Best Yet
  18. Top 42 Exercise Hacks
  19. How To Make Exercise A Permanent Habit In Your Life
  20. The Best Exercise You’re Not Doing
  21. 5 Common Exercises You Should NEVER Do
  22. Bust Burnouts: 5 Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing
  23. The Most Important Exercise Tip
  24. 15 Tips to Restart the Exercise Habit (and How to Keep It)
  25. Five Ways to Pick up the Exercise Habit Again
  26. A 20-minute Mental Workout
  27. Get some exercise while stuck at your desk
  28. 31 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise
  29. 14 Simple Ways to Convert Your Sedentary Lifestyle
  30. Exercise Encourages Brains to Function at Optimum Level

Food and Diet

  1. 6 Foods That Will Instantly Boost Any Mood
  2. 10 Food Side Effects You May Not Know
  3. Eat Slower
  4. Eat Sustainably
  5. 10 Worst Foods of 2007
  6. Top 15 Diet Hacks
  7. The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Diets
  8. Super Size Me – Fastfood Test
  9. An Amazing Chart of Foods that Heal.
  10. Eat These Specific Foods To Raise Your Metabolism and Help Burn Body Fat
  11. 20 Super Brain Foods
  12. 7 foods you may think are healthy, but aren’t
  13. The 88 Fast Food Items Most Likely To Kill You
  14. The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet
  15. Why we’re fat: Healthy eating really does cost more
  16. The Twenty Worst Foods in America
  17. The 10 Most Dangerous Foods
  18. 15 Foods You Shouldn’t Live Without
  19. How to eat healthy on a low budget
  20. Top 14 Foods That Lower Cholesterol
  21. You Call That Health Food?
  22. The 10 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating
  23. A 12-Step Program to Eating Healthier Than Ever Before
  24. 16 Ways to Eat Healthy While Keeping it Cheap
  25. 14 “Superfoods” that Everyone Needs to Stay Alive and Healthy
  26. Hack Your Metabolism
  27. Why fast foods are bad, even in moderation
  28. 10 Unconvential Diet Tips: How to Lose 50 Pounds in Three Months
  29. Foods to Avoid to Make You Feel Like New!
  30. Dieting does not work, researchers report
  31. The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Diets

Brain Power and Memory

  1. How to get your brain up to speed
  2. 10 Habits of Highly Effective Brains
  3. Improve your memory
  4. 8 Ways to Excercise Your Brain
  5. Top 42 Exercise Hacks
  6. More evidence of green tea’s brain benefits
  7. 15 Ways to Keep Your Brain in Shape
  8. Moving Your Eyes Improves Memory, Study Suggests
  9. 24 Easy Ways to Improve Your Vision
  10. 14-Day Plan Improves Memory
  11. Brain Secrets
  12. Crossword – Work Both Sides of Your Brain
  13. Teach Your Brain To Stretch Time
  14. Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity Test
  15. Grow Your Brain in 22 Different Ways
  16. Make your brain learn faster
  17. A 20-minute Mental Workout
  18. 10 Simple Tricks To Turn Your Brain Into A Powerful Thinking Machine
  19. Online test calculates brain speed
  20. 20 Memory Tricks You’ll Never Forget
  21. Doubling Your Brain Power
  22. Meditation Increases Brain Size
  23. 15 Ways to Keep Your Brain in Shape
  24. Watching the brain ‘switch off’ self-awareness
  25. Forgetfulness is a tool of the brain
  26. 50 Brain Teasers to Tickle your Brain
  27. Your Brain is Not Your Friend
  28. Improve Your Mind by Reading the Classics
  29. Learn to Capture Ideas and How to Manage Diarrhea of the Brain
  30. Exercise helps rebuild memory, study finds
  31. Brain Fitness and Memory Improvement
  32. Hack your brain


  1. 15 good practices for getting a good nights sleep
  2. How to Get Great Sleep
  3. No sleep means no new brain cells
  4. It’s scientific fact: ‘sleeping on it’ makes a difference
  5. Drinking coffee makes you more open-minded
  6. 20 Things You Didn’t Know About… Sleep
  7. Good night’s sleep boosts long-term memory
  8. The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains
  9. If you’re looking for a quick memory fix, move your eyes from side-to-side
  10. Becoming a father changes your brain
  11. Find Inner Serenity by Making it Easier to Find Your Keys
  12. Gateway – A very hard puzzle
  13. Become an Early Riser
  14. Create a Morning Routine
  15. Choose Living Over Sleeping Sometimes
  16. Learn Whether You’re Waking Up at the Wrong Time
  17. Wake up early
  18. Improve your mental and physical performance by power napping
  19. More to weight than diet and exercise
  20. Dymaxion Sleep
  21. 40 amazing facts about sleep
  22. Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better
  23. Sleep Adjustment – Gain 10 days per year
  24. No sleep means no new brain cells
  25. 6 Common Myths about Sleep
  26. Trouble Sleeping? 25 Tips For A Better Nights Rest
  27. How Sleep Works
  28. 11 Ways To Sleep Better
  29. Why should we have eight hours’ sleep?
  30. Sleep on major decisions
  31. How to Get Great Sleep
  32. 11 Unconventional Sleep Tips: How to Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep
  33. Asleep Or Awake, We Retain Memory
  34. Are your sleep habits making you fat, nasty and dumb?
  35. Sleep yourself healthy: seven hours a night helps reduce heart problems

Articles, Research, Tips and Techniques on Improving Your Sleep

  1. Become an Early Riser
  2. Create a Morning Routine
  3. Choose Living Over Sleeping Sometimes
  4. Learn Whether You’re Waking Up at the Wrong Time
  5. Wake up early
  6. Improve your mental and physical performance by power napping
  7. More to weight than diet and exercise
  8. Dymaxion Sleep
  9. 40 amazing facts about sleep
  10. Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better
  11. Sleep Adjustment – Gain 10 days per year
  12. No sleep means no new brain cells
  13. 6 Common Myths about Sleep
  14. Trouble Sleeping? 25 Tips For A Better Nights Rest
  15. How Sleep Works
  16. 11 Ways To Sleep Better
  17. Why should we have eight hours’ sleep?
  18. Sleep on major decisions
  19. How to Get Great Sleep
  20. 11 Unconventional Sleep Tips: How to Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep
  21. Asleep Or Awake, We Retain Memory
  22. Are your sleep habits making you fat, nasty and dumb?
  23. Sleep yourself healthy: seven hours a night helps reduce heart problems
  24. Study: Your Sleep Habits Could Kill You
  25. Good sleep, good learning, good life
  26. Goal Success Secret: Turn Sleeplessness Into Prosperity
  27. Foods Causing Depressions and Sleeplessness
  28. How to Fall Asleep Quickly and Sleep Soundly
  29. Relieves Sleeplessness
  30. Sleeplessness Raises Heart Disease Risk
  31. Herbal Supplements to Treat Sleeplessness
  32. Dymaxion Sleep
  33. 15 Smart Ways to Beat Jet Lag
  34. 10 Easy Ways to Catch More ZZZs
  35. Six Surprising Consequences of a Restless Night
  36. Does music have the power to send us to sleep?
  37. How To: Create a Lucid Dream
  38. Rubix Cube Alarm Clock Won’t Make You Late
  39. Study: naps > coffee, good night’s sleep to combat tiredness
  40. US tossing and turning into a sleepless nation
  41. The genetics of being a morning person
  42. How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?
  43. Test offers a genetic excuse for laziness
  44. 10 Craziest Facts About The Human Body
  45. 16 Tips For Getting Good Sleep
  46. Medical Mystery: The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep
  47. Are you getting enough Sleep? Take this quiz and find out
  48. Scientists: Sleep More and You’ll Avoid Putting on Weight
  49. 12 Tips to Create a Sleep Haven
  50. 7 Steps to Center Yourself
  51. 5 Ways to Synchronize Your Body’s Clock
  52. The Science Of Sleep
  53. Confessions of a sleeping-pill junkie
  54. Sleep Well: Myth of American Zombies Dispelled
  55. 20 Stress Fixes for Better Sleep
  56. Eyelid Stickers Let You Sleep at Work if Your Coworkers are Blind Idiots
  57. Sleepless For Science: Flies Show Link Between Sleep And Immune System
  58. Researchers seek way to help insomniacs get some shut-eye
  59. Alternative Sleep Disorder Treatment
  60. The Effects of Sleep Deprivation
  61. Sleep 8 Hours But Feel Tired?
  62. Sleep-Deprived? Might Sound Drunk : Discovery News
  63. Symptoms and Treatment For Sleeping Problems
  64. Sleeping soundly ‘boosts memory’
  65. Problems associated from lack of sleep
  66. Poor Sleep Linked to Weight Gain and Obesity
  67. How to induce sleep
  68. 15 Smart Ways to Beat Jet Lag
  69. Bedtime habits that are ruining your sleep
  70. 10 Killer Tips To Overcome Sleeplessness Without Addictive Drugs
  71. Speed Sleeping – Sleep Your Way To Success
  72. Improve Memory with Sleep, Practice, and Testing
  73. How does lack of sleep affect you?
  74. Your personal sleep profile
  75. Sleep disorders
  76. Sleep tips and advice
  77. Why do we sleep?
  78. Sleep quiz
  79. How to Sleep Better Tonight
  80. 17 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene
  81. 4 Rules for Creating a Sleep Haven
  82. Bedtime Behaviors That Prepare You for Sleep
  83. How to Eliminate Bedroom Distractions
  84. Ease Into Sleep With Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  85. The Tips and Tools I Used to Beat Insomnia
  86. Printable List: 5 Ways to Unwind in 60 Seconds
  87. Sleeping Better
  88. Sleep: A Necessity, Not a Luxury
  89. Sleep Studies
  90. How to set up a healthy sleep environment
  91. Awake or Asleep: Defining Sleep Problems
  92. 10 tips for better sleep
  93. Good night’s sleep elusive for many women
  94. Rest Assured
  95. Sleep apnea: Can it cause heart disease?
  96. How to Sleep Better
  97. Finding the Cause of Sleep Disorders
  98. Sleep the Fat Off
  99. Is Sleep Really Necessary?
  100. Sleep or Suffer
  101. Searching for a good night’s sleep
  102. Your Guide to Better Sleep
  103. How to Get Great Sleep
  104. 6 Remedies for Sleep Problems

Video Documentaries About Sleep

  1. (documentary) “The Secrets of Sleep” (Part 1/2)
  2. (documentary) “The Secrets of Sleep” (Part 2/2)
  3. The Secrets of sleep 1 of 5
  4. The Secrets of Sleep 2 of 5
  5. The Secrets of Sleep 3 of 5
  6. The Secrets of Sleep 4 of 5
  7. The Secrets of Sleep 5 of 5
  8. Science Of Sleep Part 1
  9. Science Of Sleep Part 2
  10. How to Sleep Better And Smarter
  11. 10 Tips to Sleep Better
  12. How to Sleep Better and Become an Early Riser
  13. How To Get Better Sleep
  14. Train Yourself to Sleep Deep (Workplace Health Tip)
  15. Tips on Sleeping Well
  16. It’s A Brain Thing: Sleep Disorders Part I
  17. It’s A Brain Thing: Sleep Disorders Part II
  18. Solutions to the Seven Most Common Sleep Myths-Part 1
  19. How to Sleep Better : Aromatherapy for Better Sleep
  20. How to Sleep Better : How Melatonin Affects Your Sleep
  21. How to Sleep Better : Turn Off Lights for Better Sleep
  22. How to Sleep Better : No Bedroom TV for Better Sleep
  23. How to Sleep Better : How Drinking Water Affects Sleep
  24. How to Sleep Better : Tips for Sleeping Better
  25. How to Sleep Better : Turn Off Music for Better Sleep
  26. How to Sleep Better : How Eating Sweets Affects Sleep
  27. How to Sleep Better : How Medications Affect Sleep
  28. How to Sleep Better : How Food Allergies Affect Sleep
  29. How to Sleep Better : How Exercise Affects Sleep
  30. How to Sleep Better : How Alcohol Affects Sleep
  31. How to Sleep Better : Wake Up When Light to Sleep Better
  32. Sleep Better Tips With Sleep: The Foundation Of Good Health
  33. Gaining Muscle Mass Through Better Sleep Patterns
  34. Mediflow’s Top Ten Tips for Better Sleep
  35. Sleep Doctor Michael Breus on Better Sleep Habits
  36. Snoring Center – Better Sleep for Better Health
  37. Beat Stress, Sleep Better
  38. Light at Night
  39. A Peaceful Bedroom
  40. Chill Out Before Bed
  41. Restless Legs Syndrome Part 1
  42. Restless Legs Syndrome Part 2
  43. Restless Legs Syndrome Part 3
  44. Sleep Apnea: True Life Story Part 1
  45. Sleep Apnea: True Life Story Part 2
  46. What Happens When We Sleep
  47. Common Sleeping Problems
  48. Getting A Good Night’s Sleep
  49. How CPAP controls sleep apnea
  50. What happens during obstructive sleep apnea?

Note: All these links are for informational purposes only, I simply collected as many articles related to sleep for my own reference.

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4 Responses to “The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Laziness and Procrastination!”

  1. Christa Says:
    June 18th, 2010 at 6:16 am

    This is a well thought through list, which lets me find points (who lead to great articles) which will help me to sleep even being stressed.

  2. roslin Says:
    November 16th, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    very nice… Helpful for the person who are struggling with problems…

    I got answers for my questions relate with laziness & fitness..

    May God Bless you

  3. Deandre Attridge Says:
    December 31st, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    I really need help loosing weight. I am super fat right now. :( I already lost like 60 pounds but i still need to lose like 25 more. ive remained the exact weight since august but i cant find motivation to start up again.

  4. Abdullah Masud Says:
    June 1st, 2012 at 1:31 am

    This was very well written and some of the comments are hilarious!!