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Eight habits to help cure laziness

By Ma Diga | March 1, 2011

If you are looking for a way to cure laziness and helpful tips to help kick the habit listed below are eight common habits that can help free up time as well as decrease your stress levels while increasing the quality of life this can be anything from making lists to changing your outlook or even removing junk email from your folder.

Before Bedtime

Every night before bed determine what you plan on wearing the next day.  This can be putting out your clothes for the day, and this will prevent time being wasted trying to figure out what to wear.  This will lead to stress levels being reduced, and you may also spare an extra few minutes in bed before your day begins.

Each Morning

When you get up give yourself small goals that can be achieve through the day.  Try not to focus on things that need to be done, instead focus on what needs to be done next.  This can be making a healthy breakfast, incorporating exercise, and even getting your children out of bed.  Give yourself one small goal at a time, one following the next.

Using a Notepad

Always have a pen and notepad handy in your kitchen, this comes in handy for making a shopping list as well as items you might be low on.  This can help you make one trip as opposed to many, and in return save you time as well as gas.  This will save frustration from forgetting things, and can help motivate you trough the week.

Good Ethics

Good ethics come into place especially in the workplace; this can help spare stress that is not needed.  If you ensure the job is done right, rather than just cutting corners, this can save time and efforts and help you feel better in return.


Managing your finances wisely, such as keeping a budged, planning ahead, and ensuring your possessions can help overcome laziness in the long run.  While this make take a lot of discipline, you will have more benefits and time to spare knowing things have been done on time.

Everyday life

Always try to see the positive in every situation.  If you have a hard time finding one, think of everything good in your life.  Having a more cheerful outlook in of your life will allow you to have the energy you need and will also eliminate lazy behavior as well.  Doing all of this will allow you to have a sense of satisfaction in your life.

Data and Photos

Filing your photos as well as other data onto your Smartphone or computer under certain folder is a helpful habit that can ensure your items are more organized and at your fingertips.  Also opt for creating shortcuts for folders that you use the most on the home screen of your computer, which allows you to save information easier and to have access to it faster, this prevents your laziness from getting the best of your information.


Now days thanks to the technical age organizing and cleaning up your digital life is just as essential as your house shores.  For example, clear out contacts you don’t keep in touch with anymore as well as junk email you no longer need.  This will make your life easier and will make everything seem a little more organized.

Overcoming laziness takes time and effort.  You should also pay attention to your health as this can also help fight laziness.  Life can be easier and you can focus easier, and intern you will also be able to find other methods and tricks that will work for you to help overcome this bad habit.  Keep in mind breaking a habit can take weeks if not months, there for don’t expect results immediately.

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One Response to “Eight habits to help cure laziness”

  1. gkaruppusamy Says:
    August 17th, 2011 at 1:12 am

    Really fruitful information. Thanks lot